"Richard Nalbandian and I have been colleagues for the past 13 years working on stormwater management and hazard mitigation in the Philadelphia region. He is an accomplished professional who possesses exceptional attention to detail for assessing environmental issues and opportunities. I’d recommend him to anyone seeking a seasoned professional who can provide advice and hands-on expertise."

Jeffrey Featherstone, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Sustainable Communities

Professor, Department of Community and Regional Planning

School of Environmental Design, Temple University

"Richard Nalbandian’s work is defined by his extensive experience as a professional and educator, and by his commitment to environmental stewardship. He is a valued colleague who challenges conventional strategies and insists on solutions that meet the highest standards of planning for sustainability."

Richard K. Fromuth, PE, CFM

Consultant, Center for Sustainable Communities, Temple University

"Richard has a brilliant mind and a wealth of experience. He is a most congenial and involved participant when addressing complex design problems. We recently worked together to resolve ongoing urban stormwater runoff damage to a downstream stream and pond. Understanding of the site’s geologic formation was an essential component of creating methods of limiting the runoff while achieving compliance with the federal Clean Water Act."

Ann Louise Strong, Esq.

Emeritus Professor, City and Regional Planning,

University of Pennsylvania

On a tributary of the flood-prone Pennypack Creek, geologist M. Richard Nalbandian checks a storm-water outlet. Nalbandian worked with a Temple University team that has remapped the floodplan with the most advanced techniques available, revealing far greater hazards than federal charts showed.

"His extensive experience and training in both natural science and planning give Mr. Nalbandian a unique insight into disputes involving land use and environmental issues. Mr. Nalbandian’s professional integrity and scientific rigor have been instrumental in achieving successful outcomes for our clients in two such recent legal disputes. As an attorney, this is precisely the kind of advisor I want on my team, both on and off the stand, during preparation, negotiation and trial."

Stephen G. Yusem, Esq.

Chair, Pennsylvania Bar Association Alternative Dispute

Resolution Committee