Ross Pilling, MRP, has been Owner of The Conservation Development Partnership since 1994. He is experienced in providing creative solutions in the areas of estate property planning, natural resource investigations, conservation easements and conservation sales. As a land specialist, Ross has acquired interests in land on behalf of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Forest Service and the National Park Service. He has served as project leader involved in preserving more than 3000 acres in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with a fair market value of over $28 million. Ross’ activities include open space consulting with Montgomery County, PA municipalities resulting in the preservation of 453 acres of land with a fair market value of $13 million. He provides expert guidance to landowners on structuring gifts of interest in land as well as alternative development opportunities.



Derron L. LaBrake, PWS, has been a consulting ecologist since 1987. His specialties include: wetlands, including their identification, delineation and functional assessment; ecological risk assessment focusing on contaminated sediments and ecological risk-based remediation; ecological restoration of wetlands and streams, natural treatment systems for restoring water quality using wetlands and other sustainable passive treatment technologies; and soils evaluations for Best Management Practice (BMP) stormwater management facilities such as constructed wetlands, bio-retention/bio-infiltration and bio-treatment swales. He has longstanding working relationships with permitting officials at the PA Department of Environmental Protection and the wetlands regulatory group at the US Army Corps of Engineers.



Vastardis Consulting Engineers, LLC, is a civil engineering firm that stands apart from the mainstream. With more than 25 years of site development experience on projects throughout the Delaware Valley, Vastardis can assist clients in all aspects of a development project: conceptual design, surveying, final design, and management of the permitting process on residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects.